“Preis der Literaturhäuser”

An award for literary events

The literature houses offer a stage to all kinds of literature. Focal point is the “return” of  literature into the spoken word. Readings and lectures do not only make a live experience possible but also enable discussion and dialogue. The solitary process of writing and reading is therefore transformed into a more public form of art.

In order to encourage and promote this concept of literature the network of literature houses have initiated a literary prize. It is awarded annually to an author that has particular merits in the field of the public literature event, either because of his or her special connection to the audience or by developing original formats for the presentation of literature. The possibilities here are endless, they range from scenic, musical or image-based performances to theoretical explorations of literary concepts.

New forms of presentation will carry forward the tradition of the literary lecture. Therefore the prize comes with a reading tour through the venues associated in the network of literature houses.